The Meat Eater

How to get Given by Out-Of-Date
Rewards __rewards__
Quest Items __questitems__

The Meat Eater is a Main Quest in BiomutantThe Meat Eater is required to complete the main story of the game and is obtained as follows: Given by Out-Of-Date. After completing it, you'll be rewarded with: __rewards__.


Lupa-Lupin. The Meat Eater. A haunting memory and a terriflying presence. Your need to confront him and exercise the demons from your past. 


The Meat Eater Objectives

  • Lupa-Lupin's Lair


How to get The Meat Eater

The Meat Eater Quest is acquired as follows:

  • Given by Out-Of-Date by talking to him again on his hiddout after defeating the first World Eater.


The Meat Eater Rewards

By completing the The Meat Eater Quest, you'll be given the following rewards:

  • Game Progress
  • ??


The Meat Eater Related NPCs


The Meat Eater Quest Items

The following Items are related or required for the The Meat Eater Quest:

  • __questitems__


The Meat Eater Walkthrough

Lupa-Lupin's Lair

After talking to Out-Of-Date, he will tell that you have to confront your past, Lupa-Lupin. Head to Lupa-Lupin's Camp. When you get there you will find Lupa-Lupin slicing a dead Gnoat with and axe. Lupa-Lupin notices your presence and tells that he's been looking forward to this moment. He wanted you to come here and see for yourself where it all started. He will reveal that a long time ago, your mother hunted his mother when he was little with no mercy. After he tells you about his past and his reasons, he will suddenly fight you, so stay alert to dodge the first attack. This is your third encounter against Lupa-Lupin.

During the fight he will oftenly change weapons, but he is defeatable by keeping distance, stay on movement and keep shooting him. After you defeat him, roots will come out from the ground and entangle him to a point where he can't move.

The Old Youngling Weapon

Behind Lupa-Lupin's Camp you will find your first Upcycled weapon, take it. This way you successfully reconcile with your past.


The Meat Eater Notes & Trivia

  • Notes and Trivia go here


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