How to get Given by Out-Of-Date
Rewards Octopod Vehicle
Quest Items __questitems__

Whiz is a Main Quest in BiomutantWhiz is required to complete the main story of the game and is obtained as follows: Given by Out-Of-Date. After completing it, you'll be rewarded with: Octopod Vehicle.


Whiz can't leave Surge Station, but the hatch of the Octopod is stuck. The Octopod is the only way to get down below the surf-face and fight the Northwestern Worldeater. You need to help him out and get the tools he needs to unstick the hatch, Chu-Chu will probably be able to get you what you need. Once the Octopod is seaworthy, you need to make sure that the weapons are fully stocked - both the splodey kind and the distracty kind. Boom's left some pyrosticks lying around and Gil is sure to know where to find some distracting Guppos!


Whiz Objectives

  • The Tinkertonker
  • The Mekafingro
  • Twist-N-Turn
  • The Grease-Sprinkler
  • The Broken Wingnut
  • A Fresh Wingnut
  • The Greasesprinkler
  • Sprinkle-Greasing
  • The Pyrostick
  • Things to Go Bang!
  • Gill Knows
  • The Guppo Grotto
  • All the Guppos
  • The Guppo Grotto
  • The Octopod Special
  • The Northwestern Worldeater


How to get Whiz

Whiz Quest is acquired as follows:


Whiz Rewards

By completing the Whiz Quest, you'll be given the following rewards:


Whiz Related NPCs

  • __npcs__


Whiz Quest Items

The following Items are related or required for the Whiz Quest:

  • __questitems__


Whiz Walkthrough

The Tinkertonker
  • Visit Whiz
The Mekafingro
  • Whiz needs you to get him some parts for the Octopod. Look for Mekafingro at Mekastadium. You need to open the door by solving the puzzle of the electricity box, but the door is closed from inside, go through the left path, upstairs, reach the otherside, downstairs, solve it, you can open the door. The Mekafingro is a huge robotic hand. You must solve the puzzle and ride it.
  • Return to Whiz, you may fast travel back to him.
The Grease-Sprinkler
  • Find Chu-Chu at End-of-the-Line. End-of-the-Line is very far from Whiz location, it is very convenient to fast travel as close as you can.
The Broken Wingnut
  • Chu-Chu says he needs you to find a Wingnut in the Wingnut Chugtunnel. Get in the Tunnel, indide follow the waypoiny you will have to jump down and defeat some enemies. Find a way through the ventilation tunnel, open a door. It's not a dead end, you can climb up. You will find an abandoned train, interact with it and solve the puzzle. Open the gate with another puzzle.
A Fresh Wingnut
  • Return to Chu-Chu, you may fast travel back to him.
The Greasesprinkler
  • Chu-Chu now needs Grease-Sprinkler that he left in a box right there.
  • Return to Whiz, you may fast travel back to him.
The Pyrostick
  • Whiz wants to arm to Octopod, find a Pyrostick at the Bangplant. Pretty far form there, you may want to fast travel closer. There is a rocket inside a house guarded by an enemy, defeat them and interact with the rocket to blast open the Bangplant. Inside there's a can that shoots little missiles, you must catch 3 of them. It's not convenient to move around, it's easier to stay in the middle and catch them when they get close to you.
Things to Go Bang!
  • Return to Whiz, you may fast travel back to him.
Gill Knows
  1. Now you need ammunition, go talk to Gill in Burblebottom, ask him about Guppos. You may fast travel to him.
The Guppo Grotto
  • Find the Guppo Grotto, get inside a sewers area, find an elevator and go down. Find a door in the circle room, find the valves and solve the puzzle 
All the Guppos
  • Go down and catch 5 Guppos. You have to wait until the jump out of the water to catch them.
The Guppo Grotto
  • Find the brakable wall marked with a waypoint, and hit it with the Klonkfist. There's a locked door, but you can crank the next door, find an electricity box and solve the puzzle. Go back to the door that was locked and jump into the Free-Fall Area, go up and crank the next door. Jump over the water and solve the electricity box puzzle to open the tunnel. Go back to the open area.
The Octopod Special
  • Return to Whiz, you may fast travel back to him.
The Northwestern Worldeater
  • Now you are able to use the Octopod. An armed underwater vehicle. You must defeat the Murk Puff with it. It's not far from there.


Whiz Notes & Trivia

  • Notes and Trivia go here


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