How to get Given By Out-Of-Date after defeating Lupa-Lupin
Rewards Mekamjut
Quest Items No Quest Items

Noko is a Main Quest in BiomutantNoko is required to complete the main story of the game and is obtained as follows: Given By Out-Of-Date after defeating Lupa-Lupin. After completing it, you'll be rewarded with: Mekamjut.


Noko has a fabled steed and a plan! She doesn't leave the Gnoat Pen in the western Knupstonies and the Mjut got spooked and ran away! It needs to be brought back, calmed down and equipped with a new sit-tight before you can mount up. Once that's done, you're going to need to find Mita, he'll be able to tell you where to find the Glittermoths you need to distract the Worldeater. With the Mjut and a weapon to distract the lAtorldeater, you might just be able to take it out!


Noko Objectives

  • The Gnoatgroomer
  • The Lost Mjut
  • Home Sweet Home
  • Bon-Bon Gummy
  • Chewy Calm
  • The Mekamjut
  • Home Sweet Home Again
  • Mito Knows


How to get Noko

Noko Quest is acquired as follows:


Noko Rewards

By completing the Noko Quest, you'll be given the following rewards:


Noko Related NPCs


Noko Quest Items

The following Items are related or required for the Noko Quest:

  • No Quest Items


Noko Walkthrough

The Gnoatgroomer

Head to the marked waypoint, at Gnoat Pen and visit Noko. She remembers you and you can talk about the past for a while.

The Lost Mjut 

She tells you to go find her Mjut and lead it back to her Gnoat Pen. The Mjut is at Mjutmeadow and it surrounded by a bunch of enemies, defeat them and interact with the Mjut.

Home Sweet Home

After you simply interact with the Mjut, you won't be able to ride it but it will follow you. On your way back, you will encounter some enemies that you have to defeat and don't let them damage the Mjut. The Mjut will help you fight.

Bon-Bon Gummy

She tells you to go find some Bon-Bon Gummies for the Mjut, make your way to the Krossway. You must enter the building through a zipline. Go around a find a way in one of the buildings that has a stair, go all the way up, and use walk on the rope that leads to the other side. At the end of that rope, there's another rope that leads to the other building. Use it as a zipline. The Bon-Bon Gummy can be collected in a gummy vending machine found in that building, solve the puzzle.

Chewy Calm

Return to Noko, you may fast travel to her location. Noko will ask to go get a saddle for the Mjut.

The Mekamjut

Go to the Mekamjut, following the waypoint marked on your screen. The Mekamjut can be found in Smilo Shopperia inside a house. The Mekamjut is a mechanical wooden "horse". By interacting with it you will have to solve a Puzzle. Once you removed the saddle, you will be able to mount it.

Home Sweet Home Again

Return to Noko. You may fast travel to her location. She will give the saddle to her Mjut.

Mito Knows

She will then tell to you to go find Mito, and find out about the Glittermoths.

The Glittermoth Grotto

Find the Glittermoths. By following the waypoint, you will eventually approach to a mountain and you can notice that the waypoint is high up in the mountain. If you follow the road, you will see a rope that comes from another mountain. Climbs this mountain, reach the rope, and walk over the rope to the mountain where the waypoint is. You will have to do some walljumps and climb again. You will see a stone column and on its side you will see a cave inside the mountain. When you enter the cave, the waypoint will update, defeat the enemies in your way. Follow the path.

All the Glittermoths

Once you are in the Glittermoth Cave, you will have to catch the Glittermoths around a shrine. They are little shiny bugs flying around.

The Mjut Special

Keep following the way, and return to Noko. You may fast travel to her location.

The Northeastern Worldeater

She will finally tell you to go and defeat Hoof Puff. And she will let you ride the Mjut. When you reach the location, you need to be mounted on the Mjut, hook the stones blocking the way and make the Mjut pull them away to brake them and open the path in.

Defeat the Hoof Puff.

After defeating it, your sifu will thank you.


Noko Notes & Trivia

  • Notes and Trivia go here


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