Aura Maximum Light
Tribe Sifu Jet
Location Sector 3C Myriad Fortress
Outposts Vespiout Outpost
Domp Outpost
Mitre Mop Outpost
Myriad Fortress
Tribe Weapon Myriad Tribe Boomerang
Unique Gear Myriad Jacket
Myriad Headwear
Myriad Pants

Myriad in Biomutant is one of the six available Tribes our character can join. Myriad features the Maximum Light Aura, so they act on understanding of the greater god and a code of honour. Tribes in Biomutant are the factions that inhabit the New World and play an integral role in the character's progression, tying to the choices they make and affecting the world around them.

There are six Tribes, each controlling their own territories and Outposts.


Myriad Information

  • Myriad Tribe features Maximum Light Aura.
  • They respect and has a true commitment to justice, honour and compassion.
  • They want to unite the Tribes, defeat the Worldeaters and save the Tree of Life.


Myriad Location


Myriad Outposts


Myriad Unique Gear


Myriad Notes & Tips

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All Tribes in Biomutant
Ankati  ♦  Jagni  ♦  Lotus  ♦  Netra  ♦  Pichu

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