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Porky Puff is an Boss in Biomutant. Porky Puff will be encountered in special occasions and is one of the central plot enemies of the game. Porky Puff may be encountered during occasions where you don't have to fight it yet and Porky Puff may not be defeatable until a certain point of the game. You can find information about how to fight Porky Puff down below.


Porky Puff Information

  • Porky Puff is the southeastern worldeater that Goop commands you to defeat after fully equipping the Googlide.
  • Porky Puff is the Worldeater that took Out-Of-Date's leg and Goop was there the day that happened.
  • Porky Puff is found in a flooded area and can only be accessed with the Googlide.
  • On its first stage, it will hit the ground making waves that are easily dodged if you are at a good distance, and it may swing at you if you are too close.
  • One way to harm it, is by hooking the mine and placing them very close to the Porky Puff and make them explode.
  • Another way to harm it, is by shooting on certain points that look like blisters on its feet, if you shoot them, the Porky Puff will eventually fall to the ground, during this period, Porky Puff is vulnerable to your gun, but you should try to find the big blister on its head and shoot it. This will take a big amount of health from it.
  • Then it may bury itself on the ground and attack you with its tail, so keep on the move and always try to dodge it perpendicularly to the direction of its attack. This attack is VERY letal, it may defeat you on one hit.
  • The Quacks must be used just after it comes back to the surface. During this stage, aim for the head to make critical damage.
  • After you have taken half of its health, Porky Puff will move to the ground and bury half of its body.
  • It may try to smash with its hands, or throw one or two giant boulders at you if you are too far, this attack is pretty hard to avoid.
  • Large areas attacks when it hits the ground with both its arms are avoidable by jumping the earth waves.


Porky Puff Related Quest

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Porky Puff Notes & Trivia

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