Lotus Fortress

Lotus Fortress
Tribe Lotus
Sector Sector 8K

Lotus Fortress is an Outpost in Biomutant. Lotus Fortress belongs to the Lotus tribe. Outposts act as bases of operations for the tribal warriors and showcase their control of the territory. Players can conquer and capture the Outposts of a rival Tribe in order to gain favor with their own, unlocking various benefits.


Lotus Fortress Information

  • This is the final outpost of the Lotus Outpost, you won't be able to attempt to claim this outpost unless you conquered all the other Lotus Outposts.


Lotus Fortress Rewards

By capturing Lotus Fortress you'll gain favor with your tribe master, as well as unlocking the Merchant services of the Outposts.


Lotus Fortress Npcs & Merchants

The following Merchants can be found in Lotus Fortress:

  • ???

The following NPCs can be found in Lotus Fortress:

  • __npcs__


How to capture Lotus Fortress

There is an Army of soldiers of your tribe waiting for you at the gate of the Fortress. Talk to your Sifu at the higher platform.

  • Follow the waypoint, defeat any enemies that get in your way. Find the pile of old wheels and interact with it, to get the Wheelhouse Prop.
An Element of Surprise
  • Return to the Sifu, you may fast travel back to them. After you talk to them, you will be inside the fort.
Fort Guards
  • Defeat the Fort Guards
Fire Starter
  • Get the marked torch
Burnt Paths
  • Hit the bushes with the torch to ignite them
Fort Guards
  • Defeat the Fort Guards
Battering Bonker
  • Go to the last gate, and interact with the Ram to force it.
The Rival Sifu
  • You can try to convince the Sifu to give up the Fortress peacefully but you need to successfully persuade them, otherwise you'll have to defeat them.

You can choose what to do with their tribe.

Claim the Rival Tribe Weapon
  • Take the Tribe Weapon in the chest at the side of the throne.


Lotus Fortress Map



Lotus Fortress  Notes & Trivia

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