Wingo Outpost

Tribe Antaki
Sector 7B

Wingo Outpost is an Outpost in Biomutant. Wingo Outpost belongs to the Antaki tribe. Outposts act as bases of operations for the tribal warriors and showcase their control of the territory. Players can conquer and capture the Outposts of a rival Tribe in order to gain favor with their own, unlocking various benefits.


Wingo Outpost Information

  • The Wingo Outpost originally belonged to the Antaki tribe.


Wingo Outpost Rewards

By capturing Wingo Outpost you'll gain favor with your tribe master, as well as unlocking the Merchant services of the Outposts.


Wingo Outpost Npcs & Merchants

The following Merchants can be found in Wingo Outpost:

  • ???

The following NPCs can be found in Wingo Outpost:

  • __npcs__


How to capture Wingo Outpost

Apporach to the gate, and talk to the members of your tribe that are waiting for you. Tell them you are ready and they will brake through the door.

Outpost Guards
  • Defeat the first wave of guards.
  • Overload the fuel tanks of the flamethrowers
  • Make the flamethrower ignite its own fuel tank.
Explosive Barrells
  • Hit the barrel chute to make an Explosive Barrel come out from it, push the barrel close to the big gate, shoot at it from a distance to destroy the gate. 
Press Forward
  • Reach the next area following the path.
The Outpost Guardian
  • They will send another special enemy to attack you, defeat them.
The Bang Boomhut
  • Destroy the Boomhut, the Boomhut is like a turret that launches explosives at you, they easy to about and take certain time to explode, but the area damage is big, so keep a good distance from the explosives. To destroy the Boomhut, you have to melee the bombs it launches to deflect them back to the Boomhut and make it explode. After destroying the first one, a second one will start attacking from the other side, proceed the same way.
Turn it Against Them
  • On the top of the wall there's a Wikeklaw, climb up the ladder and use the Wireklaw to destroy the target over the big gate in front of it.
  • Reach the end of the path and claim the outpost.


Wingo Outpost Map



Wingo Outpost  Notes & Trivia

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