Quirkquarp Outpost

Tribe Netra
Sector 3I

Quirkquarp Outpost is an Outpost in Biomutant. Quirkquarp Outpost belongs to the Netra tribe. Outposts act as bases of operations for the tribal warriors and showcase their control of the territory. Players can conquer and capture the Outposts of a rival Tribe in order to gain favor with their own, unlocking various benefits.


Quirkquarp Outpost Information

  • The Quirkquarp Outpost originally belonged to the Netra


Quirkquarp Outpost Rewards

By capturing Quirkquarp Outpost you'll gain favor with your tribe master, as well as unlocking the Merchant services of the Outposts.


Quirkquarp Outpost Npcs & Merchants

The following Merchants can be found in Quirkquarp Outpost:

  • ???

The following NPCs can be found in Quirkquarp Outpost:

  • __npcs__


How to capture Quirkquarp Outpost

A member of your tribe will be waiting for you at the door, talk to them you are ready. He will tell you that a high-boom team is ready to help you take the outpost but their Arcshooter is busted. Tell them you'll fix it. You will obtain a new quest: Rival Outpost Takeover.

The Arcshooters
  • When you attempt to try to conquest an Outpost, a member of your tribe will may tell you that a high-boom team is ready but they are having problems with their Arcshooters. Accept to fix the Arcshooters and follow the waypoint. The Arcshooters can be found at the top of some buildings in Sector 3I surrounded by enemies, you must the defeat them and fix the Arcshooters by solving their corresponding Puzzle. If you don't find a way to reach the top, surround the building until you find the things on the wall where you can catch on to climb your way up. Fix all of them and the Outpost will be conquered.


Quirkquarp Outpost Map



Quirkquarp Outpost  Notes & Trivia


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