Sknapptrutt Outpost


Tribe Jagni
Sector 5G

Sknapptrutt Outpost is an Outpost in Biomutant. Sknapptrutt Outpost belongs to the Jagni tribe. Outposts act as bases of operations for the tribal warriors and showcase their control of the territory. Players can conquer and capture the Outposts of a rival Tribe in order to gain favor with their own, unlocking various benefits.


Sknapptrutt Outpost Information

  • This outpost was first nested by the Jagni


Sknapptrutt Outpost Rewards

By capturing Sknapptrutt Outpost you'll gain favor with your tribe master, as well as unlocking the Merchant services of the Outposts.


Sknapptrutt Outpost Npcs & Merchants

The following Merchants can be found in Sknapptrutt Outpost:

  • ???

The following NPCs can be found in Sknapptrutt Outpost:

  • __npcs__


How to capture Sknapptrutt Outpost

The main gate is closed and it seems that there's no way to get past through even, don't try to climb the sides of it, because it won't work. You must find a cave closeby the outpost down the cliff. Once there, you will find someone of your tribe at the entrance of the cave, tell them you are ready. They will tell you destroy the Moth nests in the cave, to infest the place.

The Moth Nest
  • Get inside the cave, jump down the first hole you find. Follow the path to the waypoint, you will find the first. Destroy it. Some Jagni guards may come at you, defeat them and keep on going to the next waypoint. When you destroy the second one, a bigger enemy may spawn closeby. After defeating the third wave of enemies search the walls, you will see a passage blocked with rocks and a grid between them, destroy it with the Old World Klonkfist, using the charge attack on it 3 times. Destroy the lost Moth nest.

The Outpost belongs to your tribe now.


Sknapptrutt Outpost Map



Sknapptrutt Outpost  Notes & Trivia

  • Notes and Trivia go here


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    • Anonymous

      Is there anything you have to do in order to take this outpost ?
      I can't interact with the door, there is no ally soldiers nearby and every time I sneak in I get automatically kicked out of the town... I've been trying to find a solution for hours now, am I missing something ? A little help ?

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