Split Jumper

Type Torso
Addons 4
Ki-Energy Regen  
Critical Chance 0%
Loot Chance 0%
heat_icon_biomutant_wiki_guide_100px cold_icon_biomutant_wiki_guide_100px radioactivity_icon_biomutant_wiki_guide_100px biohazard_icon_biomutant_wiki_guide_100px hypoxia_icon_biomutant_wiki_guide_100px
0% 27% 30% 0% 15%

Split Jumper is a Torso Armor in BiomutantSplit Jumper improves your Health and Ki-Energy stats. It also increases your resistance to Cold, Radioactivity, and Hypoxia.. Armor can be obtained as loot from chest, containers, and Enemies or purchased from Gear Wear Broker.


Split Jumper Stats

Split Jumper improves the following Stats:


Split Jumper Resistances

Split Jumper improves the following resistances:


How to obtain Split Jumper

  • Split Jumper can be obtained as loot from chests, containers and Enemies
  • Split Jumper can be purchased from them from Gear Wear Broker


Split Jumper Notes & Tips

  • Torso pieces usually feature the largest number of slots to craft addon parts onto. 
  • Torso Armor can be found in all kinds of shapes and forms allowing you to customize your character appearance.
  • Some Armor Pieces may have Stats or Level requirements


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