Hypoxia Resistance

Hypoxia Resistance
Type Resistance

Hypoxia Resistance is a Resistance in BiomutantHypoxia Resistance extends the time it takes for you to reach 100% Hypoxia when you are in Hypoxia environments.


Hypoxia Resistance Information

  • Resistance to ogygen-less environments, it extends the time it takes for you to reach 100% Hypoxia.


How to increase Hypoxia Resistance

  • By equipping Hypoxia Resistance Armor, depending on the equipment the defense may vary.
  • Using the Mekton will protect you from Hypoxia
  • You can equip the Oxygen Suit to max out your Hypoxia Resistance


Hypoxia Resistance  Notes & Trivia

  • Hypoxia is the only resistance that can't be increased from the character creation or Upgrade Resistance Mutation tab screen.



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