Prosthetics Arms

Type Torso
Addons 0
Ki-Energy Regen  
Critical Chance 0%
Loot Chance 0%
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Prosthetics Arms is a Torso Armor in BiomutantProsthetics Arms provides no stats or resistance, can be used a cosmetic armor piece. Armor can be obtained as loot from chest, containers, and Enemies or purchased from Gear Wear Broker.


Prosthetics Arms Stats

Prosthetics Arms improves the following Stats:

It provides no Stats


Prosthetics Arms Resistances

Prosthetics Arms improves the following resistances:


How to obtain Prosthetics Arms

  • Prosthetics Arms can be obtained as loot from chests, containers and Enemies
  • Prosthetics Arms can be purchased from them from Gear Wear Broker


Prosthetics Arms Notes & Tips

  • Torso pieces usually feature the largest number of slots to craft addon parts onto. 
  • Torso Armor can be found in all kinds of shapes and forms allowing you to customize your character appearance.
  • Some Armor Pieces may have Stats or Level requirements


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