Radioactivity Resistance

Radioactivity Resistance
Type Resistance

Radioactivity Resistance is a Resistance in BiomutantRadioactivity Resistance extends the time it takes for you to reach 100% Radioactivity when you are in Radioactive environments. Resistances can be improved in the Character Creation phase by spending a total of 25% Resistance Points, and later during the game by equipping special armor pieces. 


Radioactivity Resistance Information

  • Resistance to Radioactive environments, it extends the time it takes for you to reach 100% Radioactivity.


How to increase Radioactivity Resistance

  • Can be increased by spending bio_points_icon_biomutant_wiki_guide_25px Bio Points on the Upgrade Resistance Mutation Tab.
  • By equipping Radioactivity Resistance Armor, depending on the equipment the defense may vary.
  • Wearing the Anti-Radiation Suit will Max your protection against Radiactivity


Radioactivity Resistance  Notes & Trivia

  • Notes and Trivia go here



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