Ankati Pants

Type Leg Armor
Addons 0
Health  0
Ki-Energy  0
Ki-Energy Regen  0
Critical Chance 0
Loot Chance 0
heat_icon_biomutant_wiki_guide_100px cold_icon_biomutant_wiki_guide_100px radioactivity_icon_biomutant_wiki_guide_100px biohazard_icon_biomutant_wiki_guide_100px hypoxia_icon_biomutant_wiki_guide_100px
0% 30% 0% 0% 30%

Ankati Pants is a Leg Armor in BiomutantAnkati Pants can be obtained after capturing 2 rival outposts during during The Tribe War (Ankati), while allying with the Ankati. The Ankati Pants cannot be crafted.


Ankati Pants Stats

Ankati Pants improves the following Stats:



Ankati Pants Resistances

Ankati Pants improves the following Resistances:



How to obtain Ankati Pants


Ankati Pants Notes & Tips

  • You can't craft Ankati Pants




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