Myriad Headwear

Type Head
Addons __addons__
Health __health__
Ki Energy __kienergy__
Energy Regen __energyregen__
Critical Chance __criticalchance__
Loot Chance __lootchance__

Myriad Headwear is a Head Gear in Biomutant. Myriad Headwear is a unique piece of equipment that can only be obtained as a reward by allying to the Myriad Tribe and conquering the rival's Outposts. 


Myriad Headwear Information


How to obtain Myriad Headwear?

  • Myriad Headwear can be obtained by allying to the Myriad Tribe and after conquering the second rival's Outpost


Myriad Headwear Stats & Resistances


Myriad Headwear improves the following resistances:

  • __heat__
  • __radioactivity__
  • __biohazard__
  • __cold__
  • __??__


Myriad Headwear Notes & Tips

  • Other Notes & Tips go here
  • ??


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