Trophy & Achievement Guide for Biomutant covers information on the game's trophies and/or achievements that can be obtained. This page lists all available Trophies & Achievements, how to obtain them as well, as info on any missable trophies/achievements.


Biomutant Trophies & Achievements

  • Trophy/Achievement Count: ??
  • Missable Trophies/Achievements: ??
  • Minimum Playthroughs Required: x to Platinum/100%

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How to get it
Biomutant Platinum Trophy
Unlock every Trophy in Biomutant Platinum
Wung-fu Master
Defeat 50 Enemies using Super Wushu Gold
Defeat All four World Eaters Gold
Discover all 16 Side Characters Gold
Discover all 30 Altars Silver
Pew Pew!
Unlock all Gun Proficiency Skills Silver
Hack ‘n Slash
Unlock all Melee Weapon Proficiency Skills Silver
The Dragon
Defeat or Subdue all five Rival Tribe Leaders Silver
Complete all 20 Conscience Dialogues Silver
Discover all 6 Tribe Forts Silver
The Adventure Begins
Escape Bunker 101 Bronze
Twinkle Twinkle
Discover a Twinkle Crashsite Bronze
Under the Table
Win a Drinking Competition against Gulp Bronze
Old World Gadgets
Discover all 15 Old World Gadgets Bronze
Defeat 25 Bandits Bronze
Drown 5 Enemies in Oil during Combat Bronze
Reach Level 25 with any Character Class Bronze
DNA Overload
Re-code your DNA at a Cooling Tower Biopool Bronze
Max Gains
Upgrade any 2 Attributes to 100 Bronze
Defeat 20 Enemies using the Ki-Spark Ability Bronze
 Stick it to Them
 Stick 25 Enemies to the Mucus Bubble Bronze
 Bounce 50 times on a Fungus Bronze
 Ride the Googlide across all Water Resistance Levels Bronze
 Heavy Metal
 Survive 5 minutes in the Mekton while the Deadzone Bronze
 Ride a Gnaut 500 meters Bronze
 Unlock all Automaton Upgrades Bronze
 In the Green
Possess more than 1000, Greenleaf Bronze
Obtain 10 of each Crafting Resource Bronze
Capture 20 Sqvips Bronze
Capture 20 Gumducks Bronze
Capture 20 Glittermoths Bronze
Capture 20 Pippis Bronze
Capture 20 Guppos Bronze
Buy an item from Honki Bronze
Discover all 7 Environment Biomes Bronze
 Eye on the Road
Discover and enter 3 Manholes Bronze
That’s Mine
Detonate 3 Bangballs on the Porky Puff Bronze
Feed the Jumbo Puff World Eater 6 Sqvis Bronze
Feed the Murk Puff 10 Guppos Bronze
Pull all Teeth from the Hoof Puff Bronze
Take Over 6 Tribe Outposts Bronze
Defeat Enemies using 3 Different Tribe Weapons Bronze
Craft a 7-star Weapon Bronze
Find and Equip 5 Different Mekton Upgrades Bronze
Riding the Wave
Find and Equip 5 Different Googlide Upgrades Bronze
Deal more than 1000 Damage in a Single Hit Bronze
End of Rainbow
Find out what’s at the End of a Rainbow Bronze



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