You have +10 intellect Attribute at Night.
Type Psi-Freak Perk
Requirement 1

Nocturnal is a Psi-Freak Perk in Biomutant. Nocturnal gives the following passive effects: "You have +10 intellect Attribute at Night." and can be unlocked by spending 1 Upgrade Points. Perks act as passive abilities that increase your combat capabilities.


Nocturnal Information

  • Effect: You have +10 intellect Attribute at Night.
  • Perk Type: Psi-Freak Perk


Nocturnal Requirements

  • Class Available: Psi-Freak
  • Upgrade Points Required: 1
  • Level Requirement: None


Nocturnal  Notes & Trivia

  • Notes and Trivia go here
  • ??



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