Dual Wield Guns

Dual Wield Guns
Type Ranged Combat

Dual Wield Guns is a Ranged Combat Wung-Fu in Biomutant. By unlocking a weapon type you gain access to the Special Attack Wung-Fu Techniques. 


Dual Wield Guns Information

  • To use this Wung-Fu styles you need to have two Guns equipped.


Dual Wield Guns Special Attacks

Two-Faced Cobra Grip
Gun Dual Wield Skill - Equip two diferrent one-handed guns to dual wield them.
Input Sequence: Jump Button (Space Bar / xbox_a_button_biomutant_wiki_guide_40px / ps4_x_button_biomutant_wiki_guide_40px) to unlock
Ethereal Horse
Finish your ranged weapon chain by throwing both your guns.
This is a Special Attack, hitting an enemy with it will fill up one Super Wung Fu icon.
Input Sequence: Dodge Button (ALT / xbox_b_button_biomutant_wiki_guide_40px / ps4_circle_button_biomutant_wiki_guide_40px) + Melee Button (Right Click / xbox_x_button_biomutant_wiki_guide_40px / ps4_square_button_biomutant_wiki_guide_40px) + Shoot Button (Left Click / xbox_rt_button_biomutant_wiki_guide_40px / ps4_r2_button_biomutant_wiki_guide_40px)
Two-Faced Cobra Grip Needed
Beetle Stone
Dodge and attack with a spinning slash.
Input Sequence: Jump Button (Space Bar / xbox_a_button_biomutant_wiki_guide_40px / ps4_x_button_biomutant_wiki_guide_40px) two times + Shoot Button (Left Click / xbox_rt_button_biomutant_wiki_guide_40px / ps4_r2_button_biomutant_wiki_guide_40px)
Two-Faced Cobra Grip Needed



Dual Wield Guns Notes & Trivia

  • Notes and Trivia go here



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