Tribe Weapons in Biomutant are a group of unique Weapons that can be obtained as rewards after conquering rival outposts. There are 6 Tribe Weapons, each of which represents a Tribe. They cannot be modified or improved by adding any type of Weapon Mod


Weapon Quality

Each Weapon and Weapon Add-On in Biomutant have 3 qualifiers that define them: Rarity, Quality, and Material. Rarity is defined by the sum of the quality of the equipment and the add-ons you assigned to them. Therefore, as the quality and materials of any piece of equipment increases, its rarity will also be improved. There are 6 rarity levels:

Common ♦ UncommonRareLegendaryRelicUltimate

Weapon Special Abilities

Certain Weapons grant you Special Abilities. These abilities are passive and will have a big impact on your combat capabilities. The Abilities that a Weapon can have are random, but depend on wheter they are Melee Weapons or Ranged Weapons


Tribe Weapons Wung-Fu

Each Tribe Weapon has its own unique Wung-Fu Style, providing a unique playstyle for each of them

How to get Tribe Weapons

Tribe Weapons can be obtained by either aiding or defining their representing Tribe. Capturing all the outposts of an enemy tribe will grant you its Tribe Weapon




All Tribe Weapons in Biomutant



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      You may later get the offer to unify all remaining Tribes at once, reject it if you want all Tribe Weapons

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