Slash Weapons are a Weapon category in Biomutant. Slash Weapons often feature bladed or sharp-edged components such as swords or knives and are used in melee combat. Slash Weapons deal slash damage and generally have quicker attack speeds than other weapon categories.


Weapon Quality

Each Weapon and Weapon Add-On in Biomutant have 3 qualifiers that define them: Rarity, Quality, and Material. Rarity is defined by the sum of the quality of the equipment and the add-ons you assigned to them. Therefore, as the quality and materials of any piece of equipment increases, its rarity will also be improved. Rarities can be:

Common ♦ Uncommon ♦ Rare ♦ Legendary ♦ Relic

Weapon Special Abilities

Certain Weapons grant you Special Abilities. As you unlock more attacks, you will be able to combine them to reach the Super Wung-Fu state. 


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