Type Shotgun
Damage Depends on Rarity
Armor Pierce  
Critical Chance 0%
Magazine Size 6
Reload Speed  

Singularity is a Base Shotgun Weapon in BiomutantSingularity stands out for its extremely high Accuracy. . Weapon Bases can be obtained as loot from chests, containers and Enemies or purchased from Pew Pew Broker. Each Weapon Type features different attack values such as: Damage, Fire Rate, Accuracy, etc, making them more or less useful depending on the situation.


Singularity Information


Singularity Mods

The following Ranged Weapon Mods can be inserted on Shotguns


How to obtain Singularity

  • Singularity can be obtained as loot from chests, containers and Enemies
  • Can be purchased from Pew Pew Brokers


Singularity Notes & Tips

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