Rex is an extraordinarily developed anthropomorphic breed. A hybrid outcast with an even DNA string making it apt for both physical and mental challenges.

Rex is one of the Breeds in Biomutant. Breeds form the basis for the player character's genetic structure, determining their overall look. Each breed starts with different values for secondary Stats such as Health, Melee Damage, Ki Energy and Regen. These Stats can be influenced further by your Attributes. 


Rex Information

The Rex is a well-balanced breed that starts off with decent Stats across the board, only trading higher Health with a slightly lower Melee Damage output. They are well-suited for new players and perform well with any of the Classes.


Rex Stat Overview


Rex Notes & Trivia

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Biomutant Breeds
Dumdon  ♦  Fip  ♦  Hyla  ♦  Murgel  ♦  Primal


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    • Anonymous

      The wiki is wrong here. Rex don't have a lower melee damage - instead they have (together with Hyla) the second highest melee damage after Dumdon. It only looks like its lower because in character creation stats are compared to the previous selected breed which is top down the Dumdon. This makes the bar go red, but the actual melee damage bar is longer than for Primal, Fip and Murgel and same for Hyla.

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