How to get Given by Rutiruti
Rewards 100 XP
Twinkle Stone
Ark Backpack
Ark Helmet
Ark Pants
Ark Jacket

Nova is a Side Quest in Biomutant. Nova Twinklethwarter is an optional quest, which will grant you better equipment for your complete your Main Quests and is obtained as follows: Given by Rutiruti. After completing it, you'll be rewarded with: 100 XP, Twinkle Stone, Ark Backpack, Ark Helmet, Ark Pants and the Ark Jacket.


Nova's dream is in the stars, but now her head's stuck-in-the-clouds. In some places, the pollution's so thick that nothing can break through, not even her Long-eye. She's convinced a Twinkleshard would boost her Long-eye so she'd be able to see the stars and needs help getting a shard from a Twinkle that's about to break through the atmosphere when it hits the ground.

You've heard about Nova and how she studies the twinklers in the night sky. You should go to her Watchout and see if you can have a go with her far-seeing tube, maybe you can look at the twinklers too.


Nova Twinklethwarter Objectives

  • Nova Twinklethwarter: Visit Nova.
  • Twinkle Thwarting: Search the Night sky for the Twinkle. 
  • Twinkle Thwarting: Examine the twinkle Crash site.
  • Twinkle Thwarting: Retrieve the Twinkleshard.
  • The Long-Eye: Install the Twinkleshard in the Long-Eye.
  • The Twinkleshard: Give the Twinkleshard to Nova
  • Farbeyondsuit Locker: Find the Locker


How to get Nova Twinklethwarter

Nova Twinklethwarter Quest is acquired as follows:


Nova Twinklethwarter Rewards

By completing the Nova Twinklethwarter Quest, you'll be given the following rewards:


Nova Twinklethwarter Walkthrough

Nova Twinklethwarter: Visit Nova.
  • Go to Watchout. Use the elevator to reach the top of the building. Once there, speak with Nova.
Twinkle Thwarting: Search the Night sky for the Twinkle.
  • After the conversation with Nova there is a cinematic that shows a Twinkle fallen from the sky.
Twinkle Thwarting: Examine the twinkle Crash site
  • Follow the side quest mark to the Crash. Once there kill all the enemies around. 
Twinkle Thwarting: Retrieve the Twinkleshard
The Twinkle Shard: Return the Shard to Nova.
  • Speak again with Nova. If you select "Twinkles are amazing" +2 Light Aura.
The Long-Eye: Install the Twinkleshard in the Long-Eye.
  • Interact with the telescope and resolve the puzzle. Then move Long-Eye until to see the bright violet light. Aim in the middle.
The Twinkleshard Give the Twinkleshard to Nova
  • Give the Twinkleshard to Nova.
Farbeyondsuit Locker: Find the Locker


Nova Twinklethwarter Notes & Trivia

  • Notes and Trivia go here 


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