Armor Depends on Rarity
Ki-Energy Regen  
Critical Chance 6%
Loot Chance 0%
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0% 0% 0% 3% 0%

Nailplate is a Gear Bit in Biomutant. Nailplate  improves your Biohazard Resistance and Critical Chance.. It can be obtained as loot from chests, containers and Enemies, or purchased from Gear Wear BrokersGear Bits can be attached to Armor pieces with available slots to improve your Defense and Resistances.


Nailplate Information

  • Nailplate is a Gear Bit
  • Can be slotted to any Armor piece with available slots.
  • Nailplate Defense vary according to its Rarity. Usually, the higher the Rarity, the better the defense.


Nailplate Resistances

Nailplate improves the following Resistances:



How to get Nailplate

  • You can obtain Nailplate as loot from chest, containers or Enemies.
  • Nailplate can be also purchased from Gear Wear Brokers


Nailplate Notes & Trivia

  • Notes and Trivia go here
  • ??


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