Lump Side Quest

How to get By talking with Lump
Rewards Lump Pinhandle Rolling Pin
Disco Biscuit

Lump Side Quest is a Side Quest in Biomutant. Lump Side Quest is an optional quest, which will grant you better equipment for your complete your Main Quests and is obtained as follows: by talking with Lump. After completing it, you'll be rewarded with: Lump Pinhandle Rolling Pin and Disco Biscuit.


Lump's oven isn't heating up and there'll be no kewkees for anyone. Get him a new spark plug and he won't have to make sad un-cookies any longer and if you'll be able to get him some more Wiffle Dust, he can make you his specialest kewkees - Disco Biscuits!


Lump Side Quest Objectives

  • A Cool Oven: Find a Spark Plug for Lump
  • Sparkening: Return to Lump
  • Wiffledust-Up: Find Wiffledust at Hobydunk Village.
  • Wiffledust-Up: Collect the Wiffledust
  • Disco Biscuiting: Return to Lump
  • Rolling Pin: Get the Rolling Pin
  • The Disco Biscuit: Get the Disco Biscuit


How to get Lump Side Quest

Lump Side Quest Quest is acquired as follows:

  • By talking with Lump y accepting to find a Spark Plug for him.


Lump Side Quest Rewards

By completing the Lump Side Quest Quest, you'll be given the following rewards:


Lump Side Quest Walkthrough

A Cool Oven: Find a Spark Plug for Lump

To find the Spark plug, you need to go to the broken tunnel near to Floatboat. To cross the tunnel, open the oil tank of the abandoned truck to flood the tunnel. Cross to the other side and kill all the enemies including Miniboss Scavenger. Then resolve the rotation puzzle of the vehicle to extract the Spark Plug. 

Sparkening: Return to Lump

Head back to Lump and talk with him. Now he will ask for help again, but in these case, you need to find Wiffledust at Hobydunk Village.

Wiffledust-Up: Find Wiffledust at Hobydunk Village.

Go to Hobydunk Location. Once you are there, find the oven at the front of an abandon house. Resolve the rotation puzzle.

Wiffledust-Up: Collect the Wiffledust

To collect the flying dust, jump to the roof of one of the village houses and wait until the dust moves nearer to you. Press the interact button to collect it.

Disco Biscuiting: Return to Lump

Talk with Lump again at Hobydunk to continue with the quest. 

Rolling Pin: Get the Rolling Pin

Just pick up the Lump Pinhandle Rolling Pin at your right.

The Disco Biscuit: Get the Disco Biscuit

Pick up the Disco Biscuit at your left to complete the Quest.


Lump Side Quest Notes & Trivia

  • Notes and Trivia go here


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