Gutway 6G

Gutway 6G
Sector 6G
Biome Whereabouts
Objectives Bioblob Container 0/1
Superb Loot 0/2
Old World Gadget 0/1

Gutway 6G is a Location in Biomutant. Gutway 6G is located in the Whereabouts Biome sector 6G of the map. Each Location has different objectives that you can complete to earn rewards and complete the area.


Gutway 6G Objectives

The following objectives become available when you reach Gutway 6G:

  • Bioblob Container 0/1
  • Superb Loot 0/2
  • Old World Gadget 0/1


Map of Gutway 6G

Gutway 6G


Gutway 6G Npcs

The following NPCs can be found in Gutway 6G:

  • None NPCs can be found in this area.


Gutway 6G  Notes & Trivia

  • Notes and Trivia go here


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    • Anonymous

      So to do the glitch you need to spam jump, go in and out photo mode, recomend binding a key to go into photo mode... so this will reset your character mid air and you will be able to jump again, it's kinda hard to get it... but not the most difficult thing in the world...

      • Anonymous

        for those wandering the chest os out of the playable area you can use the photo glitch to jump out of the playble area at the end if you stand at the center then go left and there it is floating in the void jump onto it and activate it and then be carefull not to fall off the world going back into the tunel

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