Energy Regen

Primary Stat Intellect

Energy Regen is one of the secondary Stats in Biomutant. Stats are numerical values that contribute to the Protagonist's strengths and capabilities. Stats are tied to the Character Creation system, allowing the player to customize their starting Attributes based on their preferred playstyle and can be further modified by using various Equipment or acquiring certain Abilities.


Energy Regen Information

  • Energy Regen determines how fast your Ki Energy recharges.
  • Energy Regen is tied to the Intellect attribute. Raising Intellect can improve your Energy Regen rate.
  • Energy Regen can also be improved by Equipment and Abilities.


Energy Regen Related Abilities

  • The Megamind ability improves your Energy Regen rate by 20%.


Notable Equipment that improve Energy Regen

  • Equipment info goes here


Energy Regen Notes & Trivia

  • Notes and Trivia go here



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