Common Contagon

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Common Contagon is a Boss in Biomutant. Common Contagon will be encountered in special occasions and is one of the central plot enemies of the game. Common Contagon may be encountered during occasions where you don't have to fight it yet and Common Contagon may not be defeatable until a certain point of the game. You can find information about how to fight Common Contagon down below.


Common Contagon Information

  • Common Contagon is the enemy name of the Jagni Sifu.
  • Common Contagon's friendly name is Dusk.
  • Common Contagon is encountered while heisting the Jargi Fortress, at the lasst stage.
  • Common Contagon moves a lot while he fights but he doesn't deal many damage.
  • By defeating Common Contagon you will claim the Jagni Fortress and the Jagni Tribe Weapon.


Common Contagon Related Quest

Common Contagon is related to the following quests:


Common Contagon Notes & Trivia

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    • Anonymous

      03 Jun 2021 00:00  

      I think the Sifu name's are unique each play through. On my game he goes by "Whitebread." I have seen another instance with "Hightower Bonfire."

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