Type Stocks
Damage Depends on Rarity
Armor Pierce  
Fire Rate  
Critical Chance 0%
Magazine Size N/A
Reload Speed N/A

Clothstock is a Stock in Biomutant. Clothstock  provides great Accuracy to your Ranged Weapons. It also grants Armor Piercing and Range to them. Clothstock can be obtained as loot from chests, containers and Enemies, or purchased from Pew Pew BrokersStocks can be used to craft or modify Ranged Weapons improving their Accuracy and Damage.


Clothstock Information


Clothstock Stats

Clothstock features the following Stats:


How to get Clothstock

  • You can obtain Clothstock as loot from chest, containers or Enemies.
  • Clothstock can be also purchased from Pew Pew Brokers


Clothstock Notes & Trivia


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